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Terms and Conditions - 2021 

Opening of the Sofia One Loft Race for receiving the pigeons starts from 01.03.2021 and ends on 30.04.2021. All pigeons should be no younger than 30 days old. Pigeons must be vaccinated at least 10 days prior to arriving at collection point .

Entry fee is € 80 per pigeon. Additional €10 fee applies for transportation of pigeons that come from other countries. For every 5+1 free pigeon . On admission each pigeon will be given an ETS BENZING ring.

All pigeons should have their pedigrees sent to us before the final race. If no pedigree is present the pigeon’s owner receives 30% of the final price after the auction. 

Ace Bird Championship
Ace pigeon will be the pigeon which has the lowest time of flying from the 5 races !!! 

All the pigeons will be sold at the online auction taking place after the final race. 50% of the amount goes to the owner and 50% - for Sofia One loft Race. Pigeons without pedigrees will be 70% for Sofia One loft race and 30% for the owner. Pigeons that are not sold at the auction can be bought by their owner for €10 no later than 2 weeks after the auction end. If not, they remain owned by Sofia One Loft Race Sofia. All money from the sale will be paid, after the last online auction (if more than one auction).

Starting price for online auction:
1- 10 place - €100
11-20 place - € 50
21 place - € 30

Ace pigeons:
1-3 place - € 100


1.135 km.

2. 165 km.

3. 200 km.

4. 270 km. - Semi Final

5. 420 km. - Final Race -  16 August 2021 


1. 5km.

2. 10km.

3. 20km.

4. 30km.

5. 40km.

6. 50km.

7. 70km.

8. 90km.